1. Road trips: Whether it’s your own car or you are looking to rent one, you can start a single or multi-day road trip on GAFFL to find travel buddies. For example: Great Ocean Road in Australia, Route 66 in the US, or you can simply start a trip to travel from Melbourne to Sydney and split costs with your travel buddies.
  2. Adventure Travel: You can start trips on GAFFL to find adventurers for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, rafting, camping etc at different national parks, trails and mountains around the world. For example: you can start a trip to hike together in a group in Grand Canyon National Park.
  3. Explore Cities: You can also start trips to explore major cities in a group with your travel buddies throughout the world.
  4. Airport Layover: In case you have a long airport layover coming up at a major international airport, you can start a trip to find a travel buddy who will have a layover at the same airport at the same time with you.